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Core Values of Sparks Construction LLC

Passionate - Energetic - Driven - Dependable - Integrity

Since Sparks Construction LLC has started, There have been many ups and downs, trials and tribulations as well as a learning experience. We look forward to growing as a company and serving our community in every way we are able to. Through the years there has been and will continue to be one thing in common. Our core values. Each person here brings a unique set of skills to the table that defines us as a company and who we are. 

We are the leaders and the “father figures” of our industry. Through dedication and focus on our core values. We will continue to grow and expand and serve an even larger area and people. 


about our customers and being able to provide them with incomparable service. From the phone being answered right away and greeted with a friending and personalized conversation to our sales who meet with a relaxing, easy to work with and individualized process to help them get exactly what they are looking for.


We give off a good vibe and put people in good spirits. We like to have a good time, We enjoy every encounter with a customer and put them in a good mood whether it's sitting at their kitchen table during a presentation and talking about their kids or grandkids, or during builds installers saying hello and having a casual conversation and asking how their day is going.


We strive to be the “Go To” construction company when it comes to our industry.  We make it known that If it is left up to us as a whole or any of us individually, it will get done. We take responsibility and hold ourselves accountable for our duties. We enjoy taking the burden off of our clients and helping when it doesn't seem possible. 


We will ALWAYS do what is “right”. We have a moral understanding and obligation to our customers, community and each other and it directly correlates with our company. We understand our purpose is to help. We understand and value that reputations and relationships FAR exceed profits.


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